More Than 40 Years Of Working In Wood

Timm Sahs Creator Doors By Timm

Timm Sahs
Doors By Timm

The Up North Doors Collection and Doors by Timm are the creation of Timm A. Sahs. With more than 40 years in the construction trades and building supply business, Timm's creativity is often expressed in wood.  Meticulously rendered by professional woodworkers under Timm's direction, each design is the product of innovation and a commitment to superior quality.

Timm continues to operate the family business, Northport Building Supply and Ace Hardware in Northport MI.  Leisure pursuits include spending time with his family, competitive rowing, restoring wooden sailboats and home improvement projects.

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CONTACT, 1 231 386-5231, CELL 1 231 920-9624; FOR INFORMATION & PRICING OPTIONS.